1. Fashion From A Field

I know what you’re thinking, ‘fashion from a field’?  huh?

You’ve just found my brand spanking new blog! Who am I you ponder? My name is Jenny a 23 year old with a love of fashion,print, graphic design and owls.I just so happen to live in the middle of a field in the rural place that is deepest darkest Norfolk (Its not actually that dark)!

Having gained a Media Production 2.1 Hons Degree from the University of Lincoln in 2011, my life has kinda got a little stuck! Working in a coffee shop (making all matter of pretty leaf designs on lattes) and trying to pursue my ‘media dreams’ can be pretty tough, lets just say hearing NO alot was making life pretty glum.

I love graphic and print design, both in printed work and on clothes!!! So this is what Im going to use this blog for, to let you see into my mind and its craziness!

Im hoping you will enjoy this ‘collection’ of my loves, likes and the odd dislikes!

x Jenny


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