7. London Fashion Weekend Part Two

Part one of my time at LFWend was more like an introduction, shall we say a tease! This is where the catwalk strut really happens!

Lets start at the beginning shall we?!

My amazing friend Paddy, won an all day ticket to the opening of London Fashion Weekend through Vodafone (thanks Vodafone VIP)! The words ‘see Labrinth perform’ were the highlight for him, little did he know that preceding the performance was a day of fashion! Like a star that he is, he asked if I was interested! The answer was a flat out YES!!!!


Our ticket ‘Shop and the Lot’ allowed us to have access to everything available! The fashion shows, designer and trend shows, the VIP lounge where industry talks were being held throughout the day, and as they were through Vodafone we were lucky enough to be able to see the mega star that is Labrinth perform at the official launch in the evening!

Oh and how could I forget we also received a London Fashion Weekend tote bag designed by Radley full of lovely goodies!

I felt like the luckiest girl in the world!


We started off with a rather long wander around all of the different designers room situated in Somerset House. In these rooms I was surrounded by many fashionistas looking for some fancy new designer outfits to add to their collections! I on the other hand was there to purely marvel and dream of one day owning some of those beautiful pieces of fashion gold!




One thing that did please me that there was a room, yes one room specifically for men’s fashion! There was lots of denim, puffer jackets, suit jackets, cuflinks, bags and wallets. I was so caught up with the whole day that I only managed to snap one photo! A very eccentric Dolce&Gabbana shirt, it’s not to everyone’s taste but I thought it would really make an outfit stand out!


Up next will be… Industry talks from The Vodafone Lounge, looking through my freebies, and my gorgeous My Flash Trash Purchases…

x Jenny


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