8. Fashion Never Sleeps… well maybe for like 10 hours+

I like to sleep a lot! But lately I’ve not been too tired right away so I’ve been making the most of my non sleepiness  with some light reading!

Tonight I will be continuing with a snippet from a selection if books that i find really useful!

  • Style Feed- The World’s Top Fashion Blogs, William Oliver selected by Susie Bubble
  • Blog INC., Joy Deangdeelert Cho
  • Digital Fashion Print, Kevin Tallon
  • A Guide to Designing and Printing Fabric,


Happy reading, I’d strongly suggest that any new bloggers get your hands on Style Feed, full of inspiring blogs and ideas of what is already out there! As you really do want to have an original blog!

x Jenny



    • Jenny

      Aww thank you! Glad you like it, sounds like a good idea, I’ll find you on bloglovin’ and follow!
      Always nice to chat to other Fbloggers :)

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