10. What a Hoot

Like anyone, I go through fads and trends! But there is one thing that I think I will never be without. That is owls. Those majestical, wise and wide eyed birds seem to crop up all the time when I’m either looking though my wardrobe, sock draw and a permanent feature in my very large jewellery collection.

Im going to share with you my collection of owl apparel and also some items that I absolutely love and would really like to add to my collection.


I absolutely adore my aztec owls, I went crazy one day back at Uni and decided to get the matching earrings and necklace, something I’n not really a fan of, I find matching jewellery looks to ‘perfect’ and I prefer to clash things up a bit. Nether less I now have a set of owl jewellery that brings colour to my darker toned outfits.

I know they were from Miss Selfridge but it was about 2 years ago so I can’t remember the price, sorry!






_ ____

Last February I went to Camden for the day with my parents! Having never been before, shocking I know a 23 year old who had never been to Camden before! I fell in LOVE with all of the stalls in the famous Camden Market which is located in the old horse hospital. I went a bit camera happy and took soooo many photos! I have plans on going back again soon to see what other treasures I can find.

Speaking of treasures, I found the most gorgeous and delicate pocket watch, with you guessed it an owl on Unfortunately the clock has stopped working now and I can’t get the back of the watch removed to fix it, knowing my luck I’ll attack it with a screwdriver and break it. So its just a pretty non working pocket watch for now to add a classic touch to any outfit.

Again I have such a bad memory (note to self write down prices of things) but I think it was around £18 as I can remember making sure I had enough money to buy some Krispy Kreme donuts for our train journey! I did, they were sinfully delicious!







Next to show you if my really cute owl… umm… its not exactly a pocket watch but its an owl necklace watch?! You’ll understand when you see it! I think its really cute and was so happy when I opened it, one of my really good friends got it for me as a birthday present a few years ago! They know me ever so well :) its from Claire’s Accessories.



(all of the above photos were taken on my iPhone 4s and have not been edited)


I’ve collected together a selection of my ‘finds’, if I had lots and lots of money I’d buy all of these right now to feed my owl obsession, but alas I am saving for a camera tripod and editing software so these beauties will still be on my wish list. One day owls… one day.


Top Row (L-R) : getthelabel.com £3.99 (sale), Debenhams £9.60 (sale), Accessorize £10.00

Middle Row (L-R): River Island £15.00, Accessorize £25.00, Accessorize £12.00

Bottom Row (L-R): asos.com £6.00, River Island £2.00, New Look £6.00


Basically what this has told you about me is that I really do have an obsession with owls, and that it will continue, mainly in my jewellery choices, although now it has spread to ornaments, key rings and pillows.

x Jenny

ps. Heres Eggy, Oeufy and Huevo (hoot hoot)



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