My Weakness for Hennes & Mauritz

Yet again I found myself walking around the half newly refurbished H&M. All those gorgeous Vanessa Paradis adverts were just sending out a homing signal for me! I couldn’t escape the pull, the fresh spring vivid colours were too tantalising! I do this thing, where I try not to go into certain shops for a while, so that when I do, there are lots of new different clothes to explore.

This may have been a mistake as I went ‘grabbing’ crazy! Basically I was just glancing, finding size and picking up. It had recently been pay day, I was also feeling a little glum so I thought why the hell not!? Summer (and my Cyprus holiday) is just around the corner, and Spring is just in sight, my dark wardrobe needed some more colour and new additional patterns and prints.


maxi dress

This dress is to die for!! (Apologies for my photography skills, still finding a style for my blog photos). Being just below the normal height… who am I kidding Im quite short!! I find it hard to find ‘perfect’ maxi dresses that I can wear without heels/wedges, don’t get me wrong I love wedges for a summer look but I fell they make an outfit more formal and less chilled, which I think a maxi dress should be, casual. H&M have only gone and done what I thought to be impossible, a maxi dress that I can wear flats in. Cue me dusting off all my pumps to go with this beauty.

On first look, from afar the colour looks to be reds and browns, I was pleasantly surprised with the addition of the blue tones, woven throughout. The sleeve detail is really cute with it not being a complete block of fabric.


blue dress

This adorable blue dress, I think, has a perfect ‘swish’ movement when I walk in it. Just what I like in a summery dress. Although I could be tempted to layer it with a cardigan, tights and boots if it were chillier.

The black border detail really highlights the details like the neckline, and the pinched waist. It’s dreamy swirled pattern emulates the ocean and just puts me in a good mood for some reason. Strange how certain clothes can just change your mood in an instant.


tucan dress

Always being one to look for those standoutpieces this Tucan Dress from the Conscious collection was screaming at me to buy it! I mean, it’s it a Tucan on it and a tropical forest! I’m not sure I will find another amazing print dress for such a reasonable price for this summer.

It’s such a light material too, I can just imagine myself now walking to have some yummy lunch in the sun wearing some nice chunky wedges and my wannabe RayBan sunnies :)


Although this birdy whimsical purse isn’t from H&M I wanted to include it as it is adorable, my lovely Mum brought it for me from Lisa Angel. A shop that contains everything cute you will find for your house!

I really like the zip detail, I love birdcages, it’s a nice little addition to make this purse something pretty and not just practical.

x Jenny



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