Of course I chucked out the receipts first! What’s in my handbag:

I’ve seen that quite a few of my favourite bloggers (see my new fav bloggers page above) have emptied their handbags and gone through its contents. And compared to most mine is not that exciting. Mainly because its the bag I use for work, meaning that I don’t need much as its stuffed into a locker for 7 and a half hours a day (I’d hate to be my bag)!

I constantly change my handbag, but since I made this new bag purchase it’s been stuck to the crook of my arm. 1 Because it’s just so darn cute and 2 Because its just the right size for all my stuff!


1. The bag itself: I picked up this beauty of a bag from ARK a shop that I mainly like to browse in, and never been prompted to make a purchase, that was until a few weeks ago. After snatching up about 6 pairs of patterned tights, I was mulling around waiting for my friend Lauren to try on a very cute cherry patterned crop, and on top of one of the wardrobe shelving units were a selection of handbags. being one to be on the look out for a bargain, these bags had very nice looking ‘20% off’ tags attached to them. The bag that I ended up buying also came in black and red, but I think this musky grey is a little softer and will probably go with more of my outfits.

2. Organiser: This was a Christmas present from my Mum, being a kinda tradition where we buy each other calanders/organisers. My shop of choice is always PAPERCHASE, I could literally buy everything in that shop. I can’t walk past without having a look at, well… everything! I wanted to update my organiser as I do tend to go for a darker theme, but this one was just so cute and I really liked the cute ‘sticker’ theme for the front as I’m forever buying stickers.

3. Lipgloss: I was quite surprised when I emptied my bag to find only 4 lip glosses! I usually just chuck in all of them for those ‘just in case’ moments. The 4 I do have are at the moment my favourites. The BARRY M silver/clear gloss is mainly as a top coat to add even more sparkle and texture. I have quite thin lips so I like to make sure what lipgloss is there can be seen. The middle one is RIMMEL LONDON (APOCOLIPS- GALAXY) I’ve wanted to try a darker lipgloss for a while now but always thought because I am pale it wouldn’t look very good. I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try! I LOVE IT! The adapter is a wand that hold lipgloss in the centre which means an even coverage and more control to keep it looking tidy. (See pic below of me wearing it). My favourite for the entire concept is HOUSE OF HOLLAND (PINK LIGHTS), I one, firstly didn’t realise like I dropped it ont he floor that there is a mirror on the side, which I think is pretty nifty addition. Then the best bit, I was so overexcited about the mirro I went to try on my nice new lipgloss and LET THERE BE LIGHT!!! Theres only a small light on the applicator, something that I had never know lip glosses to have. Its fab! Although hard to see there is actually a MAC lip balm on the owl purse, its a nude and is my go to for something to just add some much needed shine to my lips.


4. Notebook: Not the film, but a gorgeous PANTONE notebook, being a ‘wannabe’ designer I do have a slight crush for Pantone and all of there amazing colour specs, while I was in London back in February I stumbled upon the LONDON GRAPHIC CENTRE in Covent Garden, (see below) this place is like a designers palace. I spotted a whole section of Pantone and had to purchase something. This little notebook is a great size for my random thoughts and things I may want to google but don’t have the time!


5.Ipod: I don’t think I can go anywhere without it. My music taste is eclectic at best. Ranging from Paramore, Chemical Brothers, Ellie Goulding, Nitin Sawhney, Bally Sagoo and 30 Seconds to Mars, to name just a very very very small few.

6. Sunnies: Finally the weather is starting to pick up, and because I don’t want a wrinkly face when Im older out come these lovely newbies to my sunglasses collection. Like bags and shoes I seem to have a collection os sunglasses. These are from TOPSHOP, I wanted a pair that were quite unique but still had a soft side which explains my choice in the glittery mix match of blues pinks and purples.


7. Beauty Card: This beauty card for BENEFIT was a Christmas gift, and surprisingly I have yet to dive in and spend it. I carry it with me just in case I pop in there and decide its the right time to get my eyebrows done properly. As I’m soon going on holiday I may finally treat myself to getting the perfect ‘Benefit Brow’. 

So there you go, the de-cluttered version of my bag and all that is inside it. I know this has been a text heavy post but I promise there will be more photos in the next ones.

Anyone else done a ‘what’s in my handbag’? Leave a link in the comments, I’d love to have a read :)

x Jenny


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