Ladybug Nail Art (Week2)

As promised last week, I am going to be doing a weekly nail art step by step, or should I say its more of a Friday thing!?

Today I thought I’d continue with the spring theme, like the floral nails here , I kept thinking all day about what I could do. Then with some browsing on pinterest and tumblr, I began to see lots of bug themed designs. I was tempted to do bees, maybe I will do then one day. I then thought why not a lady bird, they are quite simple. And to be honest I want to begin with simple designs which are easy and work up to the more complex masterpieces.

I don’t think I realised until I was editing the photos and writing the captions that I had used so much Barry M! But they do have some really fab colours to choose from!

So here they are:

How To Lady Bug_Fotor

Nail Varnish_Fotor

step 1_Fotor

step 2_Fotor

step 3:4_Fotor

step 5_Fotor

step 6_Fotor

step 7_Fotor


Isn’t the thumb nail sweet! I found this nail art quite fun, to watch as the different layer began to make sense to the overall look, I walked into the kitchen while waiting for the leaves to dry and my Mum said ‘ooo camouflage’, so when I showed her the final look she was pleasantly surprised!

Unlike last week I didn’t do a different design on the other hand, its just a big old ladybug party going on!

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Happy Nail Art painting :)

x Jenny



  1. islay

    oooh I love nail art posts! I love doing these on my sister- they’re so cute! Hopefully you’ll take a look at my blog, I do lots of nail art too!

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