Round up!

I can’t believe its been about a week since I’ve posted! Its nice to be back on here again.

THE COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN! Til my holiday that is! Eeeeeeeekkk!!!!! I am so excited its hard to describe rather than more typed squealing!!! eeeeeeeee!!!!! This time in 2 weeks we’ll be in Tenerife getting settled for our first night of 11!

I haven’t really done many ‘holiday clothes’ posts but I thought Id share some of my new bikini’s, which I think are adorable! Having not been on holiday for about 6 years picking holiday clothes was like chucking me in a sweet shop and letting me eat all the sweets. My bank balance has suffered but its worth it!


Both bikini’s PRIMARK

Trousers PRIMARK £9.00

I brought these bikinis for one reason, mainly due to the fact that my collection of bikini’s sucked! Browns and blacks, those were the only colours that I had. I needed to inject some colour, I couldn’t find any neon ones, that would have been perfect for summer. But I did find these.

The pink is very delicate, the seashell effect detail is really cute, and makes it a very girly piece. The added fringe/tassels is something I love. I really like clothes with fringe. The other bikini has a more tropical holiday vibe. Its fun illustration is perfect for a sunny location (not that sunbathing in the garden won’t be happening too). I really like the addition of the criss cross straps.

I also got some patterned floaty trousers. I think my holiday wardrobe consists of a top and patterned trousers during the day and midi dresses for the evening. Just writing this is making me even more excited! HOLIDAY! HOLIDAY! HOLIDAY!


Although my instagram link is on the sidebar>>>>> I thought it would be nice to do a round up of my recent snaps. Just to let you guys into my life a little bit more :)

insta-round up 1

TOP LEFT: I won a cushion, those lovely lot at Benefit were holding a ‘tweet’ this and you could win, type of competition, and I was one of the lucky winners of a limited edition ‘fake up’ cushion!!! Picking it up from the Post Office tomorrow as I wasn’t in when it was delivered! I never win anything and I’m so excited to go and get my lovely new cushion. They also followed me on twitter which absolutely MADE MY DAY/WEEK/MONTH/YEAR/LIFE!!!!!!!

TOP RIGHT:I had a break from my Nail Art Friday, mainly due to the fact my base coat gigantically failed to protect my nails leaving them a stained yellow! Hmmm nice… not! I still wanted to do something to my nails, so I decided to test out my new ‘bargain’ Impress stick on nails. Being the Bank Holiday weekend I had 3 days to see how well they lasted, and by Monday evening those things weren’t budging! I had to soak them for ages… prune hands much! I would recommend them to those who want cute nails in minutes and that they will last over 3 days, and up to 7 as the packet suggests! I’ve got 2 other designs that I’m saving for my holiday! Quick and easy nails are all you really need when your on holiday! Sorted.

MIDDLE LEFT: Geek time! I have a subscription to Empire Magazine! I LOVE IT! Being a subscriber you get limited edition covers! This has to be the best one yet. Hugh Jackman, Wolverine, Japanese. Perfect! Really nice tie in to the upcoming movie.

MIDDLE RIGHT:My lovely Mum picked up some new nail varnishes for me, Maybelline New York Colour Show, they are gorgeous. Im currently wearing the one on the left, RAINFOREST CANOPY, its so pretty with the small flecks of silver like your nails have been sprinkled with stars.

BOTTOM LEFT: Bit of a silly one, but I finally found my name, well the most shortened version of my name on a Diet Coke! Yay! The label is waiting to be pinned to my new notice board (my room has almost finished being completely made over, will post pics soon). I decided to Snapchat a friend of mine with my bottle of coke, to then receive one back with my friend drinking from a bottle with her name on! Cue giggles from me! Great minds think alike! (Yes Lauren Im talking about you! :) ).

BOTTOM RIGHT:And finally I’m giving my blog a mini makeover with some new colour schemes, can I decide which I like most… nope. I have put the pick up on instagram and twitter with a numbered choice, if anyone wants to share there thoughts that would be fab as I CAN NOT MAKE UP MY BLOOMIN MIND!!!!!

After a somewhat mixed post I will now be back on track with some more regular posts.

Bla bla bla bla…. if you have liked this or any of my other posts, you can leave me a lovely comment or follow on here/twitter/Instagram or Bloglovin’ links in the sidebar >>>>>>>>> ;)

x Jenny




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