Hair Care 101

Hey everyone!

Robot Jenny back again, my human self is sill off soaking up the sun! LUCKY!

I want to talk about hair care today! As some of you have read in my previous posts I recently got me hair re dip dyed before my holiday! It didn’t go as planned :(

From first look, my hair looked amazing! Exactly what I asked for. But when I got some it was a different story! The bottom of my hair turned out to be completely ruined from what I found out was from being ‘over processed’ by the hair dye causing my hair to look very faded, straw like and very brittle :( my hair has never been in that state before.

Not one to moan I didn’t want to make a fuss, but my Mum insisted I went and got it sorted. The hairdressers were very sympathetic and gave me a MOROCCAN OIL TREATMENT for free. Which I wasn’t expecting at all!

The treatment consisted of these products: Moroccan oil shampoo and a hair mask! I didn’t even think to look at the price of this treatment but I know it’s a bit pricey! If you want to treat you’re hair I’d suggest saving as its definitely worth it! My hair is slowly beginning to look refreshed!

I was also given some Paul Mitchell products to use while I’m on holiday, I will be using these products while I’m away and let you know of the outcome when I’m back!

I’m pleased to say after having an inch cut off my hair and the treatment it’s looking much better :)

I know the beginning of this post sounded glum but it just proves that speaking up when something isn’t right does pay off, especially when it comes to hair!

Other products that I love are Label M’s Salt Spray & Protein Spray!

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x Jenny



  1. aliolive

    Oh no, I had to get my dip dye chopped off a couple of years ago too because my hair was so damaged. Never got any free products though you must have a very nice stylist! Love the moroccan oil range, your very lucky :)
    Ali x

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