My 11 days in the sun!

WARNING! THIS POST IS PHOTO HEAVY!!! I got a bit trigger happy! As you do, when on holiday! I think pictures in this case speak louder than text! Not to say I don’t have a ramble every now and then.

As you lot may know I recently got back from an amazing holiday to Tenerife, a much needed break to be filled with days around the pool, tanning, sleeping, relaxing…

The main reception room was HUGE! Talk about making an entrance, high ceilings and a view straight out to the sea. The words ‘ideal’ and ‘perfect’ sprung to mind… There were 3 great sized outdoor swimming pools, 2 whirlpools, a spa with an indoor pool and jacuzzi, and 3 restaurants! This hotel was a BEAST! While around the pool we were also treated with ‘surprises’ like a cocktail, cakes, sweeties and a cold towel, these were such nice additions to our days bronzing round the pool.


holiday 1

holiday 2holiday 3


Of course I couldn’t not take some outfit photo’s during this holiday! We found a beautiful spot next to a mini waterfall feature in the hotel grounds to get some nice shots. After dinner every evening my Mum and I would take a stroll around the hotel. Bliss.

holiday 4

holiday 5

holiday 6

holiday 7




These are but a handful of outfits that I wore during this holiday! In all I’d say that I went a bit pattern/print mad! Do you have a favourite outfit? If so I’d love to know what you think in the comments!

Tomorrow I will be showing you our day trip to Loro Parque, a really lovely wildlife park, dedicated to parrots. And other animals of course. Be ready for another photo crazy post! But there will be more cuteness and less of me haha!

I hope you have liked this small glimpse into my holiday! Being my first holiday post I hope that by the time my next holiday comes around I will be able to make structure it a bit differently.

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x Jenny



    • Jenny

      I know! I went photo crazy! I have sooooo many accessories, trying to pick before hand which ones to take was a complete mission! I’d like to say yes one day, maybe a different hotel for variety but the weather was perfect it would be silly not to! :) xx

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