LUST List! Oooo… Ahhhh…

Oh my god! I know there are only 4 items on my lust list but the urge to just click buy is so difficult!!!

I’m saving for another holiday later this year, so I am being good and cutting down on my spending, but 2 of these items are in the SALE! So there is some hope that I may give in and get them!!! Besides they will look great with some holiday outfits :)

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 18.58.24

lipstick | Topshop INNOCENT | £8

shoes | Schuh (Red or Dead) | £80 now £29.99

necklace | River Island | £15 now £5

belt | Ark Clothing | £12.99

I tried on the Red or Dead shoes when in the SCHUH the other week! I towered over my friend Lauren, sorry hun! They are very very very high, but being a platform I wasn’t too bothered! They are just the right mix of a ‘clunky’ (in a good way) and pretty shoe to wear with dresses and trousers. I have been lusting over a belt with those metallic letters on for months now, I did at first HATE them, but for some reason they’ve grown on me and I really would like one. The ARK store near me is now closed! Much to my disbelief when walking past it and then realising there was no amazing music booming from the shop at me! Alas online is the future so I headed onto there website to have a look. 

Im having a bit of a colour pop moment for my lips, be them quite thin I’m just loving bright pop tastic colours. TOPSHOP for me have some fab colours at the moment. Always one for adding some bling to any outfit, this necklace from RIVER ISLAND fits me down to a T! Spikes are my go to statement jewellery must haves.

Have I left you lusting over any of these gorgeous items? If so let me know which ones in the comments below! 

Oh and I hope the weather has been as splendid as it has here in Norwich! Remember suntan lotion,and sunglasses, no one wants sunburn and wrinkles! 

I’ve just gone past 30 followers on bloglovin’ THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! To think that 30 people read my ramblings is truly amazing! 40 is my next target, so if you like what you seen, click that follow button over there >>> :)

x Jenny


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