Getting back on track…

Hellooooo, Yes I am still here! So sorry for my non blogging, I’d like to blame lack of inspiration and laziness! Whenever I opened WordPress and started typing nothing would sound right, and I didn’t want to write something that was in my eyes, rubbish! So I’ve again had a bit of a break and tidied up my blog and the things around me. Well my room is almost tidy ;)

I thought I’d begin my ‘getting back on track’ mind set with a round up of August so far, I know there is still a few days left but I just can’t help myself. This round up will be done through my Instagram photos, as I’m so addicted to it! So here goes… (for a larger image just click on a thumbnail below)

Coming up on the new and improved blog of mine-

  • Organising- How I organised my nail varnish drawer (yes a whole drawer) and a look at some of my nail designs.
  • Inspiration- Where do you find inspiration from? I’ll be showing you guys where I get inspiration from and how I display it! (An actual pin board and a cute folder will be heavily featured).
  • My DIY project- Yes I’m leaping head first into a giant (for me anyway) DIY project, turning a quite nice mirror frame into a crazy mis match of jewels and other bits and pieces masterpiece! Boom!

I will leave you with this though, as a sign of my on going thanks for all of you who do come back and read my blog, even when I have been slightly lazy lately. It really does mean so much :)

A cat that looks like Jabba the Hut! For all you Star Wars fans!


x Jenny




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