I got my backpack on…















I think that these tights from ARK CLOTHING, have to be the craziest pair I own, but they are brilliant! The amount of comments I get from customers at work is at times hilarious! Some people just don’t understand that if you wear tie dye you can be repping style now! Not just being all psychedelic and hippy ish! I have finally styled a monochrome look! A bit past its ‘in style’ timeframe but still I really like it! I’ve recently been on the look out for a plain white shirt, to add under dresses and jumpers for the winter months, I’d seen some in Topshop & River Island but at around £20-£25 I did have the thought at the back of my mind ‘thats a bit much for just a white shirt’. This shirt was in fact £12.99 from H&M, and it has the cutest collar detailing so no need, well for now anyway for any neck candy! Just let the shirt talk for itself! My YOLO belt was an absolute steal in the sale from New Look. Originally £6 I got it for £2. I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of the phrase YOLO but I have always wanted a belt with the gold lettering on!

The newest addition is the backpack/rucksack! A little more classy that your average backpack, which I happen to own 2 of. This one is at the moment £29 in a special offer that ACCESSORIZE are having, it’s normally £35, which is a pretty reasonable price anyway as you know you are going to get very good quality. I’m in the process of transfering my things from one bag to another so I might do an updated ‘What’s in my Handbag’, who knows!

I couldn’t help but think that all I need is a headband and I’d fit in on early series Gossip Girl, with Blair and co on the steps of the Met!

I hope you lot like my latest look! I’m going to Westfield this weekend to spend some of my birthday money so I will obviously be posting about my purchases sometime next week! Along with my new hair of course! Yay!

Till next time lovelies,

x Jenny




  1. Rebecca

    That rucksacks amazing. Weird how I always see bloggers wearing great stuff from there, but never seem to go in – I’ll give it a try next time! Have fun at Westfield and happy belated birthday :) xx

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