Models Own: Swatched


I don’t really tend to do swatches of nail colours. I HAVE NO CLUE WHY!!! I spend forever searching for that ONE colour that I can picture in my mind but can I remember which make it is? Nope! Doing swatches makes life so much easier.

These colours are from my mini haul post the other day which you can find here. My reasons as to why I chose these amazing colours is not exactly will thought out. I just really liked them the most out of the mahoosive collection that is Models Own!!

I however must apologise for my rather wonky non uniform nails! I work in a cafe so they are forever ripping and are in different stages of regrowth!

mystic mauve

Mystic Mauve This took 2 coats of polish to achieve this opaque shimmering colour. I did think about just having a transparent shimmer but my LOVE of block colours won. This colour reminds me of a Christmas Ball, at University (yep a long while ago now) we had a Snowflake Ball. This polish is perfect for that dreamy snowy atmosphere.

jade stone

Jade Stone/ Snowflakes I just fell in LOVE with this Jade Stone green, even with 1 coat the colour was already opaque, but I always put 2 coats of a base colour on. I’ve always been tempted to buy one of the Artstix but me being me I just buy 2 separates. I will definitely be buying more when I next venture to Boots. The snowflakes top coat is just enough with one coat, just a sprinkling and not an avalanche!! (Couldn’t resist the snow related pun!)


Absinthe Having to choose from the new Velvet Goth Collection was quite difficult, but in the end I chose Absinthe. I love the furry top to the polish bottle, very tactile, definitely a way to make it easier to find in my nail drawer. Definitely  advise applying 2 coats of this polish for a really dark and rich colour.

Have you got any of these Models Own varnishes? What do you think of them? I’d love to know some of your favourite Models Own colours.

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Til next time

x Jenny




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