So yesterday I caved! I purchased a Christmas jumper! I still think its too early to get all excited about Christmas. I say this because I’m more excited about seeing 30 Seconds to Mars next weekend!!!

I won’t lie I was like OH MY GOD, when I saw this jumper! Its just so darn cute, its got a PUG ON IT! A PUG WITH A SANTA HAT!! It’s from Internacionale and is £17.99, which for a jumper isn’t too bad! I styled it with my Glamorous thin pleated silver skirt from BankFashion, which I got in the sale about 2 months ago for around £10 I think. I’m also wearing my Dr Martens, which I have been wearing ALOT lately, mainly because I need to wear them in, my shins feel like death but it will be worth it in the end! I got them for my birthday they were £90 and are the Patent Lamper in black.

full length edit

jumper skirt edit

waiste edit

jewellery edit

face edit

look down edit

I think that Christmas jumpers, or just a jumper in general can be worn in a casual sense and with something a little more glam, like I have tried to do with this outfit!

Have you got your Christmas jumper yet? Are there any out there you just have to get? I’d love to hear about them. I’ve now also ventured into that world of Youtube! I uploaded my first video yesterday, the quality is no way the best but its a start and for a first video I’m still proud of it!

Happy Sunday

x Jenny





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