It’s what’s inside that counts…


On my last visit to Westfield Stratford, I wondered upon this really cute shop TANTRUM London, full of cute jewellery, nail varnishes, and even a nail bar, basically a shop with everything I LOVE! The things that standout are all of the vinyl records hanging up and scattered around… these aren’t just normal vinyl records oh no they each have hooked into them a personalised necklace, which is lazer cut right there in the store. Cool right!

They have these cute menus: (yep thats mine) that you fill out so you can get the exact phrase, colour and font you want :)

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 16

Well we discovered TANTRUM too late in the day to be able to get one of these beauties, so as I looked back at all those cute necklaces, I thought next time I’m here I’ll get one… yep probs see you in a year then (Westfield for us is more of a nice yearly birthday tradition as we live in Norfolk).

I tweeted about them recently as I had just seen a similar necklace which made me suddenly crave my own! And I don’t know anywhere here that does them…

The wonderful lot that they are, only replied with like something I still can’t believe! They will make one and send it to me! My dream of owning a ‘Jenny’ necklace came true. And the outcome is BEAUTIFUL.

I chose:

Jenny in funki dori, with Arctic Sparkle as my colour choice and an added heart charm :)









I LOVE IT! So delicate and because I chose a sparkly colour it will add a some festive cheer to any outfit. Thank you so much again guys. It really is beautiful.

Their website is here and if you want one of these lovely personalised necklaces I’m sure if you give them a tweet they can help you out with that :)

x Jenny




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