Goodies from Oz


I’ve been waiting to post this for a while now, mainly because I want to include some photos of me in the clothes that my Aunt got me from Australia, not saying I haven’t worn them yet but I’ve just been a lemon and forgotten to take a photo of me in them! Either way here is my post finally on the wonderful goodies my Aunt picked up for me on her recent trip to Australia.

OZ Goodies

oz goodies 2

The Dangerfield tights are super cute, you can’t see the detailing clearly enough in the photo but one pair has hearts going down the back of the leg getting smaller until it reaches the bottom. The others are a funky black, grey and pink tartan! I feel like I should be doing some kind of Scottish jig when I wear them!

My love of nail varnish even travels are far as Australia, this Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat is so cute, I like to wear it with pastel colours as the base, but it does also look great with a black base.

Isn’t little Christmas Owl cute! He will probably be the only bit of decoration in my room this Christmas! He even lights up different colours!

My Aunt not only picked up Elle Australia for me but also VOGUE!!!! As its summer over there at the moment is really nice to keep up to date with other trends and also to reminisce about summer while is freezing cold here. The Vogue magazine also came with a Mecca Nail Varnish, pastel pink and super girly. I keep using it lately as its a really fresh colour and also for me anyway hasn’t really chipped a lot, which is a bonus!

Now to the bargain section of my goodies! The blue Aztec skinny jeans were only 1.03$AUS which is like 57p!!!! 57p for a pair of jeans! The Galaxy ones were a bit more pricey…. who am I kidding they were 5.03$AUS which is just over £2! Both jeans were from K Mart, which to us over here in England is a similar quality to Primark which now days is really good :)

I adore all of my goodies! It’s nice to have clothes that not many here will have! I do love those Galaxy jeans!

x Jenny



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