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As I am reorganising my blog I am starting a weekly ‘Styled’ section. Where I style an outfit from one particular store be in online or on the high street. A way to bridge the gap between my own OOTD posts. As we can’t have EVERYTHING (although we do all try… goodbye money) that is out there all shiny and new, I’m always up for showcasing some maybe unfound items from our much loved brands/stores.


Choker Necklace £4.99 | Tartan Lace Slip Dress £19.99 | Wedge Biker Boots *£20.00 *was £29.99

I wish I was brave enough to embrace the ‘slip dress’ trend. I just love this red tartan one, its edgy and yet still soft. The lace detailing is very ‘underwear as outerwear’ a trend that just keeps being revived. The biker wedge boots are a steal at £20 good boots are hard to find but these babies are timeless, a nice size wedge which could be carried from day to night.

My favourite piece from this has to be the 90’s inspired ‘LOVE’ choker necklace! I am a jewellery freak and this is something I might just have to go and buy! At £4.99 its just too cute and reasonably priced not to click ADD TO BASKET!

I hope you like this new Styled feature… Any particular stores you guys want me to have a search + style look through for next week? Let me know in the comments below.

x Jenny



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