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Hello lovelies,

I’ve fallen, nope not down a hole I don’t need saving, I’ve fallen in LOVE. Yep that small word that means so much! Oh I’ve fallen hard in love… for Soap + Glory… hehe!

That fab brand that you walk past in Boots in all its pink glory with funny named products.

Can you say “Mother Pucker’.

I’ve gone a bit made lately with my purchases. I grabbed a bargain in the infamous Boots 1/2 price sale on all their Christmas gifts + beauty box sets. I managed to get my hands on ‘THE BAG’, ‘GIRL-O-WHIRL’ + ‘BE YOUR OWN GLOSS’, as well as some none Xmas set bits too! I know they will soon be going down to 75% off, but I just don’t know the next time I’ll be up the city and still half price is really good.

I totally forgot to take a photo of everything all pretty in the packaging, but I have put the mini cases to good use for my make up storage (which I will no doubt show you soon).

I’ve picked out some of my favourite bits from my Soap + Glory collection. Hello lip gloss…

THE BAG £17.50 was £35.00 | GIRL-O-WHIRL £20.00 was £40.00 | BE YOUR OWN GLOSS £7.50 was £15.00

Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick | Nudist

This Mother Pucker Gloss Stick came in the Christmas box set Girl-O-Whirl, and I have to tell you, its one of the best lip glosses I’ve ever used. And that’s saying something. I’m forever buying new lip glosses in the hopes that they won’t dissipate after 2 sentences! Or do that annoying smudgy thing across your lip, which to be honest looks a bit narley. Unlike the creamy glosses that are known more commonly from Soap + Glory this doesn’t plump your lips. A nice break from stinging lips! I have quite think lips but this adds such a lovely shine to them and in a way, to me anyway makes them look fuller. The colour ‘NUDIST’ is quite transparent but still just adds a very pale pinky/plum colour within a couple of glides across your lips.

Be Your Own Gloss Set


Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss | Punch Bowl

Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss | (l-r) Half Naked, Yummy Plum, Clear

Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss | Candy Gloss

Now these bad boys sting like CRAZZZYYYY!!! But its all worth it for slightly plumed lips! So if you’ve never used these before don’t be alarmed to the fact that your lips feel like fire. Okay I’m exaggerating a bit, but they do tingle for a little while. So far I’ve worn the clear gloss over some lippy and its a nice creamy gloss that I found to last the evening, well up until I started drinking then it started to suffer a bit. I really love the look of CANDY FLOSS (side note, I was testing my camera so apologies if you can’t clearly see the colours). Light enough to just add some simple shine for an everyday look.

I have also got some new skin care bits from Soap + Glory, but I feel that should be a separate post all together.

Did you pick up any Soap + Glory in the Christmas sale? Or were you a lucky one and get some for Christmas? Have you tried ‘Mother Pucker’ lip gloss, what are your thoughts on them?

Remember you can tweet me, find me on Bloglovin’ and for all the bits in between there is my Instagram. Links either below or in the side bar. And last but by no ways least, I love getting comments for you lot, it really puts a smile on my face.

x Jenny



One comment

  1. lruthnum

    I absolutely love these mother pucker sticks! Got a gift set of three for Christmas and I love the nudist one for work and the brighter ones for partytime – so simple, great colours and really lovely gloss. I usually hate lipgloss but this is more like a balm feeling – much less sticky. Great review! xx

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