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Jacket, Topshop | T-shirt, Zara | Skort, River Island | Snood, River Island Tights, possibly New Look | Shoes, Ribbon at Bank Fashion

Rings, River Island (Midi and Silver) Topshop (Cross + Heart)

Hey Lovelies,

These are the 1st outfit photos taken with my new camera, I really like the detail shots but the full length ones do need some work! It was quite overcast when I took them but they didn’t turn out too bad! So, I’ve found my perfect skort! Good old River Island! I had been on the hunt for a skort for ages and I finally found one!

I thought I’d style quite a smart look as its so different to my more casual approach to my fashion choices. I got this gorgeous jacket from Topshop last February to wear to London Fashion Weekend. To be honest its been sitting at the back on my wardrobe for agesss!!! This Zara tee is one of my favourites, the girls in the illustrations just look so sassy! haha! Representing different styles just like most of us, switching up your style to whichever mood you area in!

My skyscraper shoes/boots! They aren’t actually too difficult to walk in, well except over cobbles, I had to get a friend to help me walk to our Xmas party! Thanks Alice :) x

I threw on my tartan snood, mainly because it was really cold, and that it goes with everything.

I hope you like this outfit, there will be more outfits soon as I’m still getting to grips with my camera and waiting for some kind of non apocalyptic weather.

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x Jenny



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