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Today is all about my trip with my bestie to London Fashion Weekend. This will be a really heavy photo post! You have been warned! I have also kinda vlogged a bit about it, which can be found here.

Let me start but saying that I had the most amazing day. Be it a very full and tiring day, but still it was a fab day out. Basically London Fashion Weekend is the 4 days after London Fashion Week. A shopping event where you can spy some designer goodies for a cheaper price (but between you and me, still unaffordable)! There are lots of amazing emerging designers/ jewellery + accessory brands, you name it its there. And see either Designer or Trend Catwalk shows for the upcoming season S/S 2014.

When we first got there we queued up to collect our tote bags which contained some really fab goodies. Some hair product, nail varnish, a cereal bar and some other bits and bobs. Of course I couldn’t leave without getting some outfit snaps within Somerset House! Thanks again to Lauren for being my outfit photographer, girl did good!  We also got a couple of snaps taken by one of the Canon crew, which we collected later on. The catwalk show we went to was the Trend Show. Which included 4 different trends, Precious Metals, Lace Embrace, Good Sport and Flower Power. I have to say all of the trends were totally wearable. Even the Good Sport section, sport luxe to the max.

catwalk flower powercatwalk 1catwalk good sport

After the show we walked around the rooms of Somerset House, stumbling upon known and unknown brands. Having been to London Fashion Weekend before there were a few that I recognised, one being Her Curious Nature, they sell the most gorgeous floral and jewel headdresses, headbands, clips basically anything floral that will go on your head. One of the lovely girls working there even showed me how to wear one of the headbands. I have no idea why I haven’t been wearing a headband like that before. So simple yet so stylish. Being on a budget I was really sad not to make a purchase, but I have found the website and will keeping a look out for when their S/S collection goes live :)





Another highlight of the day was the Canon 360 experience! Kinda like a Matrix moment where three is a ring of cameras around you, you jump in the air and you get an awesome 360 freeze-frame. Lauren and I didn’t do anything too crazy! Just a wonky jump in my case! Ha! It’s hard to jump, smile and try to look good all at the same time!


We then had another explore around the many rooms, lusted over some Vivienne Westwood jumpers and took the opportunity to recharge our phones at one of the charging stains provided by Vodaphone!


We headed over to the Vodaphone Lounge to listen to a talk about the “In Praise of Blogging” which I thought would be really interesting. The talk was hosted by bloggers Remotely Fashion, and was a really honest and real life take on what blogging is like. It’s not all glam. There are haters but if you work hard you can get somewhere with it.


After the talk we then went for lunch and a wander around Covent Garden. I will do a separate mini post about where we had lunch! It was amazing!! I have a couple other posts relating to my day at London Fashion Weekend, but I didn’t want to bombard you with everything in one go! Over the next few days I will be posting some ‘Photo Diary’ style posts with a collection of the many images that I have taken from the day! There just so many to show you guys! I really want to you lovely lot my whole experience. And who knows it may make you guys want to visit the next one in September.

Anyway, I hope you have liked my long-winded summary of my day. Have any of you been to London Fashion Weekend before? What were your favourite bits from the day? Let me know in the comments section below.

x Jenny



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