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Hey Lovelies,

Last Tuesday I attended the Designers Show of Norwich Fashion Week at Epic Studios, a show of some of Norfolk’s known designers as well as up and coming designers from City College Norwich.

Some of the names that had their work on show Madara Rozenstein, Sophie Allen, Betsy Hatter, Aart + Lola, Hart, Mandy Wright, Hannah Smith, Marian Eve Williams, Sue Ryder + the fashion and textile students represented by label Cocoon.
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I was a fan of everything on show, but I have to say everything by Cocoon was incredible. The bug print blazer and trousers were a stand out piece for me, the pastel purples and blues of the beetles its just so spring! Lots of floral/nature influences throughout all of the collections, as well as some industrial computer boards on the jacket directly above.

I loved the different amount of textures created in many of the collections, it was nice to see some ruffles and tassels being played with. I had a really fab time at the show, been sitting in the frow was such a nice surprise :)

x Jenny





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