3 Ways to Style a Fluffy Crop Jumper « Styled

one twothreeHey lovelies,

Like a lot of bloggers I just fell in love with the fluffy crop jumpers from Primark! I would wear one everyday if I didn’t have a work uniform! They are super cute, super soft and go with so much! I thought I’d mix up my ‘Styled’ posts for a bit and take one piece from my wardrobe and style it three ways!

ONE: Its pretty much spring now, this weekends glorious weather is definitely hinting that its time to show some skin, I paired my Primark crop with a skater skirt from Bank, the dark colour and floral detailing really makes this a spring look. I think that trainers are defiantly going to be a Spring/ Summer staple (not just for exercise) these white studded and gem ones from Bank add just enough ‘sportiness’ to the look! And how can you not add a statement necklace, this is one of my favourite necklaces from Topshop, the gold chain the flowers and mini mirrors. It screams tacky but I LOVE a bit of tacky :)

TWO: Dungarees, now at one time of another we all have owned a pair! These are just simple dungaree shorts from Primark, with an assortment of badges I’ve found and added to the front pocket. To make this outfit less casual I’ve paired it with my black studded loafers from Bank and black jewell collar from New Look.

THREE: Defiantly a more casual outfit now, I’d probably wear this outfit meeting my bestie for lunch, the crop meets perfectly with the top of my high waisted Joni Jeans from Topshop, just for a bit of fun I have added my YOLO belt that I got for £3 in a New Look sale a while ago! Being short isn these black trainer wedges are great for adding just enough height, they are also soooooo comfy, I got them last year from New Look and I wear them all the time!

These are just a few ways I style my fluffy crop jumpers ( I also have it in blue which I have featured in an OOTD a while back).

x Jenny

Like always you can find me on various social media platforms! I am addicted to Instagram so for snaps of everything in-between my posts just click the link below :) I have also created a Facebook page too, if you’d rather keep updated that way.




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