3 Simple Braids « Beauty

Hey lovelies,

My go to hair style is defiantly any type of braid! I’ve been re inspired after watching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire! Katniss has the most amazing hair, my hair braids are nowhere near as elaborate but they still look pretty good! I thought I’d show three different ways in which I wear my hair in braids! They are a really quick and easy way to pull your hair off your face even with a messy braid it can still be neat! You know what I mean! Before you begin! Brush your hair, or like me use a Tangle Teezer! They really do get those tangles and small knots out of your hair and they are also really gentle to your hair, no tugging or snagging! You will also need lots of bobby pins and a couple of thin hair ties.

1 Halo Braid


Im never any good at describing how things are done! But here ya go!

For this braid, a centre parting does work better but I find it doesn’t really matter. Make piggy tails next to your ears. Braid each tail. Now fold the braid over your head and secure in place with a bobby pin, don’t worry if it’s a bit pin mad, you can hide them with the other braid. Now fold the other braid and tuck the ends into the first and pin in place! And hopefully you should have a halo braid that looks similar to mine! I can’t wait for my hair to get even longer so I can experiment with this style of braid!

2 Side Fringe Braid:


Create a deep side parting, with your fringe or just a front section of hair begin a french braid collecting hair from above and below. Braid all the way to the bottom of your section of hair. Now pin it back into a sorta half up hair do! You can do this to the other side too if you like!

3 Fishtail Braid:


Now for the complicated one! Make a side low pony tail. If this is your first attempt use a hair tie that you don’t mind cutting at the end and tie your hair into a low side pony. Split this into 2. From the outside of one section cross it over to the other. Now do the same for the other side. At the beginning it doesn’t look like much is happening but as you continue doing this it will start to take shape. When you get to the end I normally just twist the 2 last bits together and secure with a hair tie.

So, there they are, my 3 simple hair braids (I know the fishtail is a bit tricky to start with but with practise you can get them looking great)! If you do need to see them actually being done I’ve filmed a video ‘How To’ which is now on my youtube channel! Click on the link below to be taken there!

x Jenny



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