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Hey Lovelies,

Today it’s all about protection… protecting your eyes that is, did you think I was talking about something else… tut tut tut!!

I was in desperate need of some new sunglasses after my gorgeous Topshop ones broke last year! I was heartbroken, so I ventured into Topshop to try to find a new pair, to make up for the loss of my beautiful sunglasses last year I brought 2! Whoops! Oh well, you can’t have to may sunglasses now can you!

First up are these gorgeous red round framed sunglasses, they were £16 which I think is pretty reasonable for sunnies! I’ve wanted to try the whole round framed style glasses thing for ages, but because I have a hate of my nose I am really really picky when choosing a style. These however are fab. Also with your sunglasses you get to choose from various neon clear cases for free! I go the pick one for these. I will probably end up putting them in a hard case but the neon clear bag will be perfect for putting bit and bobs in, in my handbag.







The 2nd pair I purchased are a similar style to my old ones they were £14, so it was an easy ‘yes’ that I would be getting them. I don’t really know the names of the shapes, but these are rounded on the bottom and slightly curved at the top, with a gorgeous tortoise-shell pattern on the arms. The lenses are tinted pink, so cute. These will probably be my everyday sunglasses as I know they will go with everything.






So yeah, I’d recommend to anyone just going for it with a new style. Sunglasses can complete an outfit, of course like me, buy something you know you will wear, but don’t be shy to jump out of your comfort zone.

Fingers crossed for the sun to be out very soon so we can all lounge around wearing our sunglasses.

See ya,

x Jenny

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