Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs Spray « Review

Hey lovelies,

Now, here’s something you may not know! But I’ve never had a fake tan before! I can’t say I’ve never wanted to try it and see, but I’ve seen way to many episodes of Snog Marry Avoid to actually bring myself to get it done. I still am a girl who loves a natural tan or just embracing paleness for the winter months, but I was really curious to see what all the fuss is about!

I’d seen the name Cocoa Brown pop up a few times via other bloggers having written about them, and when I saw all of the products on my recent visit to Superdrug I thought, lets give it a go. I decided on the ‘Lovely Legs’ as if it were to go wrong covering up your legs is easy! The product itself is a spray and not a mousse, the packaging states it’s a ‘Tanning Make Up for Flawless Pins’  + is an ‘Instant Wash Off Tan’ which in my eyes is great as there will be no tan build up after applications and again if you do go a little too heavy you can always wash it off.

I exfoliate anyway, but if you don’t investing in some exfoliating gloves would be a step in the smoother skin direction. I have such a love for Soap + Glory Bath and skin products which is why I use their gloves. Exfoliating your legs before you tan will be beneficial for a smoother surface and getting rid of any dry skin.


When I first sprayed the tanning spray onto the mitt (mine is a St Tropez Tanning Mitt because like a lemon I forgot to buy one from Cocoa Brown) I was a little startled by the colour! A muddy red light constancy liquid, I started with 3 short bursts onto the mitt, then I began to massage it into the skin with circular movements, keep moving round the leg and not just on the front, so you get an even coverage, continue doing this until you are happy with the coverage on the whole leg. Now this is something I didn’t do first time round but TRY and make sure you get the same coverage on both legs, I did realise the next day one leg was ever so slightly more bronzed than the other.

before after

For a first time attempt at tanning and with a easy fix it formula for novices like me, I would highly recommend this produce. For when you just need a pick me up, whats better than looking down at gorgeous bronzed legs. I always cringe when I read this from bloggers but… I haven’t been asked to write this review I honestly just wanted to let you all know about my first time tanning experience using Cocoa Brown!

If you are a little worried about taking your first steps into tanning then I couldn’t recommend enough this spray! It’s fool proof! And for the price its great just to have around when you need to feel all glamourous and bronzed!

I hope you have found this review helpful and that it’s helped you with any worries about tanning! I’m a convert and will be using this product when I need a pick me up!

So on another note, I was thinking of putting FFAF up for one of the Cosmopolitan Magazine Blog Awards, but seeing that I do fashion + beauty I’m a little stuck for which category to put it into? If you guys could help me choose that would be great! I’m still growing as a blogger and think that even if I get like 1 vote is something! Thanks guys!

See ya,

x Jenny

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