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Hey Lovelies,

I have such a thing about phone cases! I have a drawer full of them, since upgrading to the iPhone 5S I have had to put away all of my iPhone 4 cases, including a very cute one with a pug face on it!
I’ve loved SkinnyDip for ages, I’ve had a few of the ‘bling’ cases before but I was in the need of an update, and this case! Oh my God! It’s pink and fluffy! And so freakin’ cute! I got it from there website for £18, but I know they do have concession stands in both Topshop and River Island. It arrived after about 2 days which I thought was really quick as they say on the delivery options it can take 3-4 days! It’s so soft and has a gold rectangle feature around the camera piece, which even though you can’t see the gold of my iPhone matches it perfectly!

I do love pink so thought I’d show off some of my fave pink nail varnishes too, both of them being Ciate. The light pink is ‘Amazing Gracie’ I like just having one coat of this as its quite sheer and can create the look of a french manicure. The other being ‘Kiss Chase’ a cute bubblegum pop pink!

So if you are looking for something a little different for your iPhone, then I’d say SkinnyDip is the place to look! I don’t think I’ll stray from there cases for some time to come.

See ya,

x Jenny

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