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Hey Lovelies,

While browsing through twitter the other day I stumbled upon this adorable jewellery brand A Curious Fairytale, they were looking for bloggers to help spread the word about their brand! I jumped at the chance, all of their pieces are beautifully handmade and all very unique. Ranging from a cute daisy choker necklace to a delicate black collar with cross necklace (its slightly grunge but still very cutesy)! I was sent this silver chevron necklace, I LOVE IT! Thanks so much guys!!! I even got a  little thank you note which is ever so sweet! It’s so different to anything I already own. I think its gonna look great when layered with different metals and shapes due to its pointy shape.

2I wore it recently with a blue and white gingham top and mom jeans, its classic shape and simple design means it will go with so much! A versatile necklace is something I always think about when picking out jewellery and this fits perfectly to my collection.

You can find A Curious Fairytale over on »ETSY« , all the jewellery ranges from £5 to £15, which I think is really good as you are getting something that has been hand crafted.

See ya,

x Jenny

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