Moo…. Blog Business Cards



Hey lovelies! I finally created some business cards for my blog! My best friend Lauren got me a voucher for my birthday (which was October) and I’ve only just spent it! Wanted to make sure I made it fit with my blogs aesthetics! They arrived so quickly too! Within a week!

I kept the look and feel of the card similar to my blog, PINK!!! The front simply having my blog name, and my tag line. Choosing which information to have on your card is up to you. I wanted to have most of my social platforms covered. Of course my blog url, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These places are the main 4 platforms which I share my posts through. That way whoever I give one of my cards too can pick which one they might find more suitable to them.

On Moo you can either follow one of their templates or upload one of your own, which is what I did. I downloaded their template and used Photoshop Elements to create mine. I opted for the matt finish rather that the glossy. I am so glad I did this they are really good quality. They also come in a sturdy box which is easy to pop into my bag for when I go to any events or meet ups.

Not everyone will want business cards for their blog, but I just felt they were something that would be great to have, as much as this is a hobby, I am working my butt off to make my blog even more than that! So these will defiantly come in handy for the future.

See ya,


Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 22.33.15Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 22.33.10Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 22.33.06Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 22.33.02



  1. Miz Lulu

    i like that the cards come with a little case! Great design, LOVE how your cards turned out!
    I just got mine in so i’m excited to post about them! Just having a look what other people have and LOVE yours!

    – official new follower here! excited to be friends <3

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