Eyeko Eyeliner Review



Hey Lovelies, I’m calling this a review but I suppose its more of like a first impression! I picked up Glamour Magazine about a week ago to find it included an Eyeko Liquid Eyeliner. Worth £24, definitely worth a try for only £2, and that’s with the magazine too! Bargain.

I love felt tip pen style eyeliners, I find them easier to create a cat eye or just a precise line. I normally use Maybelline Precise Liner and haven’t strayed from that for a about a year now, its slightly thinner at the tip but does dry out quite quickly I find. But it does the job for me.

Now lets introduce the Eyeko Eyeliner. Wow! I have fallen in love with an eyeliner, I’ve been using it for over a week now, and that’s a long time to stick to a new eyeliner I think. If it can withstand a day being bombarded with steam from a coffee machine and dishwasher and not be smudged all over my eyes then its an okay from me!

But seriously, the pen itself glides so smoothly you are in for a perfect line straight away. It has just the right thickness to create a cat eye with one stroke, all you have to do is joint it up to your eyelid line. I might have to see if there are any magazines left in the shops, as I know they have just resale there August issue. For £2 I might as well stock up on them!

Have you tried Eyeko products before? Did you manage to get any of the other products on offer in Glamour magazine? I’d love to know what you guys thought too.

See ya,


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