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Hey Lovelies, I can’t say I am one of those girls who has lots and lots of different perfumes, I pretty much stick to what I like! I am however going to get a new one at duty free when on holiday! I have 4 fave perfumes, I have no clue how to properly describe them but I thought I’d give it a go! And pair them with their similar shoe partner! Yep, I’m an odd egg!

‘Florabotanica’- Balenciaga, this is such a pretty perfume, as you can guess from the name of it, its full of floral tones. I tend to wear this perfume when going out for a meal or something a little more formal, to me its a ‘grown up’ perfume, which I know sounds silly but it is a little more sophisticated than some.

‘Acquia Di Gioia’- Giorgio Armani, this perfume was a gift, it was in a set with some body lotion and body spray. As you can see I use this one quite a lot, it’s quite a fresh perfume, not too heavy, great for wearing everyday.

‘Gucci Guilty’- Gucci, I have to admit, the advertising for this perfume really got me hooked, well done Gucci marketing! I love Chris Evans aka Captain America and Evan Rachel Wood, BABE! With a Sin City vibe too, I knew I wanted this perfume! Its my going out scent! I feel really confident wearing it, strange I know, but non the less true.

‘Loverdose’- Diesel, my subtly sweet-smelling fragrance, I love this so much. This is a close 2nd most used to the Armani. What else could I pair this sweet but sexy perfume with! Dr Martens of course!

Have you got any of these perfumes? Which one is your favourite? Do you prefer ‘sweet’ or ‘fresh’ fragrances? Let me know in the comments :)

See ya,

x Jenny

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