Topshop Student Event Norwich

event 1

Hey Lovelies, I was kindly invited to the Topshop Norwich Student Event last Thursday. I felt like a faux student for the evening (oh how 3 years have gone by so quickly since I could call myself a student). The evening itself comes around once a year! There is an amazing 20% off all purchases. And to make it even more of an event Mantra a local club/bar were also there to provide a party atmosphere with some yummy mocktails and some ‘wicked tunes’ from a live DJ!

When I arrived I was able to have a one on one styling session with the mega babe Martha! This included being taken around the store to each themed section, like the Cocktail Hour, where you can find metallic playsuits, sequin crops and sleek faux fur sleeveless jackets and another which has to be my favourite the Folklore section, with feather print kimonos, floppy hats and palazzo trousers. While we visited each section Martha helped pick out an outfit for me! This to any girl is like a dream come true. Being given free rein in Topshop to style up your dream outfits. As the pile of clothes got heavier we then went to the styling room which is located just off the main changing rooms. I had my own changing room located in a larger room with funky bamboo wallpaper and a huge ceiling to floor mirror. After dumping the massive pile of clothes we strutted off to the shoes! THE SHOES!!! I LOVE Topshop shoes. They are a real treat for me. And did Martha pick some goodun’s. Yes she did. Then began over an hours worth of styling up these outfits and getting some fab snaps to show your guys. (I will be posting each outfit during the week otherwise this post would be very photo heavy). I had the most amazing time, there was no rush to get the outfits tried on, and Martha was very accommodating to my own style tastes when choosing the outfits. After this I had a venture around the store to get some snaps of the other things happening. I stumbled upon makeovers involving Topshop’s new range THE FACE. A gorgeous set of beauty products which are for a more natural look. I wasn’t able to blah any samples but I did get a booklet which details each product. Martha also told me that the people behind Mac Cosmetics have a hand in the making of them, so you know they are gonna be good.event 3

event 2

event 4

event 5

event 6

event 7I had the most amazing time, I was even allowed to use the 20% discount, which I thought was really sweet of them (thanks Kaiah) so I got a gorgeous pair of shoes :) They have already cropped up on my Instagram! Thanks again to Martha too for picking some fab outfits, and for picking the gorgeous shoes I ended up buying! I LOVE THEM! So if you live in Norwich and need some outfit inspo or just advise on maybe updating your wardrobe ask to have a style session with Martha or any of the other girls there, you will be so pleased with the time they take to find things that you may miss and end up falling for. Also if you are a student remember to keep a look our for future discount days (more than the 10% already) and for next years Student Event. You can follow Topshop Norwich on Instagram >here< for any amazing hidden gems they find and also like always you can follow me too for any finds that I make. As you guys know I do love a Topshop find be it full price or in the sale!

x Jenny

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