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I’ve MOVED!!!

So, I’ve made the move to self hosted! Yay! It’s been nice on where I started my blogging journey! If you would like to keep up to date with everything on here then I’d love if you followed me over to my new blog :) Thanks for all the support and look forward to sharing my new adventures over on

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x Jenny


Insta Round Up

Hey Lovelies, lately I’ve been trying to amp up my Instagram! I love being able to share blog posts/ snippets over there is fab. I also like that when I’m feeling a little unmotivated with blogging I can always rely on posting on Instagram to keep you guys in the loop with my latest fashion finds and general musings.

I really like themed accounts, Islaay is one of those beauties that has a really great Instagram account. Like with everything I took inspiration from all my fave bloggers to compile my own Insta style. Would any of you be interested to see how I edit my Instagram photos? Thinking I might do a short post about it, let me know in the comments if you would be!

I thought I would do a quick round-up of some of my favourite snaps since my revamp. :)

insta round up 1I think its safe to say that I am a fan of the ‘hold something up on plain background’ shot! It’s also nice way to show off my butterfly tatt! A new thing that I have started doing is placing my outfit out on my bed, very much like my fave brands on Instagram Ark Clothing, this is nothing new or something I’ve created. I love the simplistic nature to the shot, with everything in its place. Material mash-up snaps are so much fun, normally after I’ve been out shopping I’ll overlay the clothing times together and take a snap, gotta love funky prints. How could I forget food snaps, I never really have Instagrammable lunches, not unless any of you wanna see my Monster Munch packet hehe! But wherever I go out I love to take some candid snaps of the food I’m about to eat.

I hope you have like my short and sweet Insta Round Up. And if you do like the snaps I’ve shown and want to see more, just click the lil camera icon in the sidebar or below :)

Oh, I also have some for me anyway BIG news (which some of you might have seen on my other social channels)! Via The Blogger Programme I’ve been able to connect with the lovely guys at Love Clothing, and I’ve contributed a post for their revamped blog. My post is a short piece about the mega babe Ella Eyre, if you fancy a read you can find it > here < I’m hoping to write some more posts for them, I’ll let you guys know when things get rolling!

See  ya,

x Jenny

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Moo…. Blog Business Cards



Hey lovelies! I finally created some business cards for my blog! My best friend Lauren got me a voucher for my birthday (which was October) and I’ve only just spent it! Wanted to make sure I made it fit with my blogs aesthetics! They arrived so quickly too! Within a week!

I kept the look and feel of the card similar to my blog, PINK!!! The front simply having my blog name, and my tag line. Choosing which information to have on your card is up to you. I wanted to have most of my social platforms covered. Of course my blog url, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These places are the main 4 platforms which I share my posts through. That way whoever I give one of my cards too can pick which one they might find more suitable to them.

On Moo you can either follow one of their templates or upload one of your own, which is what I did. I downloaded their template and used Photoshop Elements to create mine. I opted for the matt finish rather that the glossy. I am so glad I did this they are really good quality. They also come in a sturdy box which is easy to pop into my bag for when I go to any events or meet ups.

Not everyone will want business cards for their blog, but I just felt they were something that would be great to have, as much as this is a hobby, I am working my butt off to make my blog even more than that! So these will defiantly come in handy for the future.

See ya,


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ONE « Blog Birthday


Hey lovelies,

Wow! As of yesterday I have been blogging for a whole year! A WHOLE YEAR! It may not seem like that much but for me, I am so proud and happy with what I have achieved with my baby blog.

I started this blog mainly as something to do, creatively. A way to just ramble on about the things I like. I’ve changed the look of my blog so many times I have lost count. But now I know my focus and my style and I am really happy with it. I am now so much more confident when it comes to outfit photos too! Yay!

I really want to say a massive THANK YOU if you read and/or follow fashionfromafield, it really does mean so much that there are you lovely lot out there reading and sharing my style and beauty finds.

I would also like to say thanks to my Mum, Dad (who doesn’t completely get blogging) and my Aunt for being really supportive of my blog, always reading new posts and finding fab bits for me to show you guys. <3

Now I have reached a year I wanted to do a giveaway just as an extra thank you, but to be honest I left it to the last minute to organise it. I will organise one soon though :)

I don’t really know what else to day really, just that I’m gonna get my thinking hat on a get planning for this coming year and blog about even more amazing fashion finds.

Im attending the 4 main Norwich Fashion Week shows starting on Thursday so look out for my posts about each of them! I am so excited to what doors may open for me this year. I have some personal goals in place so fingers crossed over time they will happen and I can share them will all of you.

Thanks again you guys, hope you have had a great weekend.

x Jenny


Party in the USA….

Stealing that title there from the once innocent Miley Cyrus and her very long and ridiculous tongue! Maybe not in the USA, but I did attend my first blogger meet up/party last Friday! The #EAblogger party!  Hosted by Jet Social and Ms Chick Media (some pretty awesome ladies), who thought it was time that the bloggers of East Anglia, you know a pretty far away and forgotten about part of the UK, should meet up and have cocktails!

I was so thrilled to be able to go to this! To finally meet other bloggers from where I live, and also to meet some that I frequently chat to via twitter! I’m talking about you Claire!!

The party was being held at Bar 11, a really cool bar in Norwich, which I have walked past many times, but had never been before, so for me it was rather exciting to go somewhere new!  (A hint though, the loos are on the top floor so, some of us girls learnt the hard way, and walked up and down the stairs in heels I might add, in an attempt to find them).

I always leave my outfit choice to the last minute, I really should plan ahead, but alas the outfit I choice was pretty decent for a party atmosphere! Faux leather trousers, Topshop shoes, cute cream sheer blouse with leather collar and my A Wear lips bag. I did take my small camera with me but the lighting in Bar 11 was as expected for a bar, dark! So I didn’t want to risk getting bad photo’s. There was however a photographer (Andrew Tunley), who was there to get some nice snaps of us girlies.


Me, Jodie, Victoria, Claire & Wendy

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 19.02.48

I had a really lovely night! Meeting Claire in ‘real life’ was slightly surreal after chatting on twitter for so long. Wendy, Victoria and Jodie are such sweet girls, so glad we formed a group, we chatted and laughed for the entire night. Especially when we found ourselves in the VIP room at Bar 11, padded walls and that! Maybe we were in a padded room for our protection haha! I absolutely adore Wendy’s clutch bag, its like a book! A BOOK!!!!!! Have to find me one of those they are just too adorable!

We also were all given a goody bag full of some nice treats, and some tights from Tights Please who were one of the sponsors (I will be doing a post about those soon).

blogger party bag

Included in the goody bag were some tasty treats, which didn’t last a few days, yum! Or shall I say the night? Victoria kept nibbling the chocolates throughout the night! (Drop Dead Chocolates and Fab East). Also in the goody bag were some very delicate and beautiful paper eyelashes by Paperself, mine are the ‘Deer & Butterfly’ style. I’m too afraid I’ll ruin them to wear them. They are really sweet.

I can’t wait for another get together, and to meet even more bloggers, I did chat to a few other girls, the lovely Sophie & Jenny, but I did drift around throughout evening. Thank you to Jess, Ali & Gemma for hosting such a lovely evening.

x Jenny


Getting back on track…

Hellooooo, Yes I am still here! So sorry for my non blogging, I’d like to blame lack of inspiration and laziness! Whenever I opened WordPress and started typing nothing would sound right, and I didn’t want to write something that was in my eyes, rubbish! So I’ve again had a bit of a break and tidied up my blog and the things around me. Well my room is almost tidy ;)

I thought I’d begin my ‘getting back on track’ mind set with a round up of August so far, I know there is still a few days left but I just can’t help myself. This round up will be done through my Instagram photos, as I’m so addicted to it! So here goes… (for a larger image just click on a thumbnail below)

Coming up on the new and improved blog of mine-

  • Organising- How I organised my nail varnish drawer (yes a whole drawer) and a look at some of my nail designs.
  • Inspiration- Where do you find inspiration from? I’ll be showing you guys where I get inspiration from and how I display it! (An actual pin board and a cute folder will be heavily featured).
  • My DIY project- Yes I’m leaping head first into a giant (for me anyway) DIY project, turning a quite nice mirror frame into a crazy mis match of jewels and other bits and pieces masterpiece! Boom!

I will leave you with this though, as a sign of my on going thanks for all of you who do come back and read my blog, even when I have been slightly lazy lately. It really does mean so much :)

A cat that looks like Jabba the Hut! For all you Star Wars fans!


x Jenny


Sunshine Award

Sorry for the delay in doing this Katie!!

I was nominated a while back by Katie from Subtle Coral , she’s such a sweetie, defo go check out her super cute blog! There’s a cupcake on the header! Nom.


Here are all the Rules of the Sunshine Award:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you! –Check!
2. Post the award logo on your blog! –Check!
3. Nominate 5 blogs that you love! –Check!
4. Share 7 facts about yourself! –Check!
  1. I have an eclectic taste in music, to name a few: 30 Seconds to Mars, Paramore, Nitin Sawhney, Delilah, Bally Sagoo, Woodkid and lots more can be found on my iPod! Which is fast running out of space! Arghhh!!!!
  2. I have a subscription to Empire Magazine & Elle, and buy every month as for some reason I can’t be bothered to subscribe, Company, Cosmo & Glamour. And recently I’ve been downloading the Company Weekly Edit for more fashion/beauty snippets.
  3. I was born on October 16th 1989, I was supposed to be born in February 1990. Thats 16 weeks early and I weighed a tiny 1 lb 12 oz, thats like a bag of sugar! I was very very lucky. I have scars on my hands from all the injections and bits and bobs that were used to keep me alive. They make me well, me.
  4. I’m 23 and still can’t drive. It will happen… One day!
  5. I have dreams of being a graphic designer or something like that! Or maybe working at a fashion magazine or maybe something to do with nailart! Yep 2 years of post uni life and I still have no clue where I’m going!
  6. I buy super cute notebooks and never write in them. Who wants to open a notebook and find a mistake on the the first page….
  7. I have 2 tattoos, one of a butterfly, and the other of a birdcage with some symbols. I already have a third one booked for some song lyrics, the hard part is to choose the placing! Ribs or upper arm hmmmm……

Blogs that I nominate:


Hope you have liked my contribution to the Sunshine Award, now go and look at the blogs above! These girlies deserve all the blog love in the world :) they are some of my favourite reads, and generally kind people to annoy on twitter! haha! :)

x Jenny