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I’ve MOVED!!!

So, I’ve made the move to self hosted! Yay! It’s been nice on where I started my blogging journey! If you would like to keep up to date with everything on here then I’d love if you followed me over to my new blog :) Thanks for all the support and look forward to sharing my new adventures over on

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x Jenny


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Hey Lovelies,

I have found my new favourite shop! Yay!! A cute shop full of cute flowers, cute pillows and lots of cuteness…. Yes Jenny, I think they get it, its CUTE! Berry’s and Grey is to me a newly found shop located within the Royale Arcade in Norwich! They sell all kinds of lovely homeware bits! There’s no real divide between the upstairs and down, but upstairs does have more cushions and soft furnishings. And scattered everywhere gorgeous faux flowers! Something that I have fallen head over heals for. I’m useless at keeping plants alive, or to be honest just too lazy when it comes to buying more, which is why I’m constantly on the look out for faux flowers! They also have some beautiful faux fur throws, which I was tempted by, as I’m slowly updating parts of my room to make it more me, and closer to the image I have in my head for my dream bedroom!

I picked up this glass jar, it was £4.99, which I thought was a really great price for something that you could easily pay more for in other shops. The fact that the straw is pink may have had an effect. I also found a selection of trunks, that would be perfect for putting my overflow of shoes in, I’ve been looking for ages, but never found anything ‘timeless’ or a style/pattern I wouldn’t hate within a month, and there are some beauties, I did forget to photograph them, but I will be doing a room update soon where I can add that to my ongoing list of bits I want for my room!!

I can’t wait for the next time I go into Norwich, as I will definitely be popping by Berry’s and Grey to have another look around. If you want to have a look at their stuff and you don’t live near one of their stores, either Norwich or Polzeath , I’d suggest having a browse on their website »« As they deliver too! Which is great news for me, as I don’t really fancy lugging around a gigantic trunk!

See ya,

x Jenny

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Hey lovelies,

I think we all have those images in our heads of perfectly decorated bedrooms, all light and spacious. I’ve been slowly but surely been transforming my room to my dream room. With the help of Mum and Dad of course, but in the end the look of my room is gonna be something I will enjoy being in, gone are the days when your bedroom is mainly for sleeping, nowadays they can be places to hang out, and a workspace too. And not forgetting a places for your never-ending amount of clothes and shoes and bags!!! Storage can sometimes be a nightmare, I am on the hunt for a chest to put some of my shoes in as my shoe rack is pretty crammed! Whoops!

I wouldn’t say in a border, but when you spend your well-earned money on something only to not really like it anymore after a while its like throwing money away. And there’s always the old ‘I’ll wear it one day’! Yeah right!

Anyway back to my room, it’s quite a long room with a window at one end, so light doesn’t tend to travel far which is soooooo annoying when I want to get blog photos done (beauty and that kinda stuff). Luckily my bed is next to the window so its kinda like my mini studio for my beauty products shots! ha!

I think when my room is in its prime moment of looking really great, I’m gonna do like a bedroom tour for you guys, and maybe a day in the life post for when I’m doing my photos and all that! Always looking to try different types of posts.

Do you have a dream bedroom in mind? Does it resemble the many images on weheartit + Pinterest? My guesses is yes… Oh on that note I do have Pinterest but in all honesty I don’t really get it, so if you guys have it too please send your links over in the comments I’d love to have a browse and then maybe figure out what it’s all about!

Happy dreaming guys.

See ya,

x Jenny

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