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I’ve MOVED!!!

So, I’ve made the move to self hosted! Yay! It’s been nice on where I started my blogging journey! If you would like to keep up to date with everything on here then I’d love if you followed me over to my new blog :) Thanks for all the support and look forward to sharing my new adventures over on

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The Blogger Programme Goody Bag








Hey Lovelies, as promised, here is the contents of my Blogger Programme goody bag! What a great amount of fab products to try! And another thing thats fab about this goody bag is that its the new Blogger Programme logo design! Some of us hunted through the pile of bags to get them! :)

I can’t wait to scoff the Gnaw Rocky Road bar! I love these!! And how lucky am I that its the Rocky Road one! My fave! I was so surprised by the Love Label eyeshadow palette, some really great earthy colours, will be doing a post on them sometimes soon, I’ve already swatted them and they look really nice! Also quite intrigued by Earthnicity mineral makeup, I’ve tried mineral makeup before, will be good to see how this compares.

Some really beautiful jewellery additions to this goody bag, the pentagram necklace from The Treasure Box is too cute! And I’m a fan of Lisa Angel anyway, and this silver star bracelet is so delicate and stunning :)

I really love nosing through goody bags, its a great way to discover new brands, and maybe try something that you might not have thought about before. There was a business card from God It Feels So Good, I had a look on Instagram to find the cutest girliest Kawaii phone cases, which I saw other some other bloggers had in there goody bags. Will definitely be looking in that more, so so cute.

See ya,

x Jenny

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Summer Jewellery « Style




Hey Lovelies,

I am full of cold at the moment surrounded by tissues! Niceee!! Yeah, not so nice really! I thought I’d put together some of my fave jewellery combinations for the summer! It’s all about accessorising seeing that layering clothes will soon be not needed! Come on sunshine!!! We all know you are there! I’m loving pastels and girly vibes at the moment! But rest assured, some edgier pieces will feature in my summer jewellery too! Do you have any go to pieces for summer? I adore this pastel chunky necklace from NEWLOOK! So pretty! And I always try to find a reason to wear my mirrored flower necklace from TOPSHOP! Another sale bargain from last year! Gotta love the jewellery sale in Topshop.

See ya,

x Jenny

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A Curious Fairytale « Style


Hey Lovelies,

While browsing through twitter the other day I stumbled upon this adorable jewellery brand A Curious Fairytale, they were looking for bloggers to help spread the word about their brand! I jumped at the chance, all of their pieces are beautifully handmade and all very unique. Ranging from a cute daisy choker necklace to a delicate black collar with cross necklace (its slightly grunge but still very cutesy)! I was sent this silver chevron necklace, I LOVE IT! Thanks so much guys!!! I even got a  little thank you note which is ever so sweet! It’s so different to anything I already own. I think its gonna look great when layered with different metals and shapes due to its pointy shape.

2I wore it recently with a blue and white gingham top and mom jeans, its classic shape and simple design means it will go with so much! A versatile necklace is something I always think about when picking out jewellery and this fits perfectly to my collection.

You can find A Curious Fairytale over on »ETSY« , all the jewellery ranges from £5 to £15, which I think is really good as you are getting something that has been hand crafted.

See ya,

x Jenny

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Maybelline S/S Nails « Beauty

Hey lovelies,

I picked up these 2 sets from London Fashion Weekend, they were £10 each or if you spent £20 or more you would get £5 off! So these 2 only cost me £15 which when you add up everything is a really good saving!

I’ve been wanting to try the Babylips sticks for ages! Now I have them all :) and I can never say no to more nail varnish to add to my collection.



^ L-R | 651 Cool Blue + Hydrate | 554 Lavender Lies + Peach Kiss | 754 Pow Green + Mint Fresh



^ L-R | 341 Orange Attack + Cherry Me | 749 Electric Yellow + Intense Care | 83 Pink Bikini + Pink Punch


I’ve gotta admit, when it comes to my go to nail varnish it’s normally Maybelline, maybe its the sleek bottle with block black lid, who knows! But when browsing when I’m in need of a new colour I always turn to them. Of course don’t get me wrong I have PLENTY of other brands in my varnish drawer but for a pop of colour and über glossy varnish I love em!

Even with one coat they create an opaque colour, which is good especially if you are rushing out the door and need to add a splash of colour. I can’t wait to make full use of the SUMMER colours when I go on holiday to Tenerife, but that’s not for a little while yet. In the meantime I’m crushing on everything spring and pastel and the Cool Blue is the perfect colour to add to any pastel highlighted outfit.

Moving onto the Babylips balms, i’ve tested out Cherry Me and it is so moisturising, I was so surprised. The Yellow Intense Care and Blue Hydrate are clear but have a fruity smell which I can’t quite place, the others have a hint of colour and corresponding fruity smell to the name like Peach Kiss which reminds me of my favourite fizzy peach chewy sweets! Mmmm now I fancy some sweets!!

Can I hear a woop woop for the fact that it’s now lighter in the evenings! Yes we’ve been robbed of an hour but being lighter not means more photo opportunities! And I can finally get lots more outfits posts up! Which is something I love doing. The whole editing process fascinates me! So keep your eyes peeled for some new outfits very soon!

See ya,

x Jenny

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Oh the Pretty Things « Wishlist

WISHLIST 1Blonde + Blonde Clear Backpack via BANKfashion £25 | Green Heart Earring £2, Pastel Heart Necklace £15 both River Island |

Check Blazer £40, Oversized Jacket, £35 both River Island | Bright Pink Holographic Flatforms £40 River Island

I’m seriously having a River Island moment this week! Oh my god! haha! I’ve selected some of my top picks for this week from some staple jackets to ease you into Spring and some gorgeous neck candy thrown in there too.

Firstly lets start with the clear backpack, I’ve seen this in real life in Bank and its a dream! I’ve always loved the clear bag trend but I’ve always worried myself that people are gonna automatically mug me in the street when seeing the contents of my bag! Or to be honest look at me in horror at how messy my bag is! This is a fab compromise, this backpack comes with a snazzy black and white pouch where you can put all your bits and pieces while still strutting down the high street with a really cool clear bag! Win win I’d say!

Still harping on about them pastels, the 2 jewellery items fill that void. First those gorgeous pastel green earrings, for £2 why won’t you want these in your collection. The necklace is another item that I have held in my hands, its soooo PRETTY!! Wear under a collar so only the jewels can be seen or with an oversized tee and jeans, it is a statement necklace that packs a gentle punch.

The transition from Winter to Spring is a tricky one, one day its freezing the next sunshine and a light breeze, do you wear a coat or take a jacket with you just in case. For me anyway this is something that bugs me. It’s now becoming nice enough not to need a really thick coat anymore which is why I have chosen 2 oversized/boyfriend jackets, I love the look of an oversized jacket with some skinny jeans and docs. Creates the perfect casual look.

How could I not put those flatforms on my TOP PICKS list! They do in fact come in a variety of colours, if you would prefer to play it safe they do come in white and black, but with shoes like these I’d say go on be a little adventurous, think about summer time and what tropical inspired outfits can be made with these as the base.

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