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Everything is better mini








8Sleeveless Cardigan, H&M | T-Shirt, New Look | Skirt, New Look | Belt, ASOS | Shoes, Schuh | Necklace, Topshop | Bag, H&M

Hey Lovelies, it’s my birthday today!! Yay!! 25! O-M-G!!! I’ve picked out a rather special outfit for today (look out on my Instagram for a sneaky look) but that won’t be on here till after I’m back from my holiday! Today is all about this blue retro mini shirt from New Look. It is so freakin’ cute! I layered this look with all black, a simple tee and a long sleeveless cardigan that I synched at the waist with my buckle style belt from ASOS.

I have a new love for these adorable shoes from Schuh, they are so unique with the cut out triangles on the top, yet the style is really girly.

x Jenny




Duster Blue









Duster Coat, H&M | Sleeveless Cardigan, H&M | White Crop, River Island | Spotty High Waisted Trousers, River Island | Shoes, Schuh

Hey Lovelies, I have been searching for a duster coat for some time now, being on a budget all of the time I wanted to take my time and find something within my price range. Price range being not over £40, which I think is pretty reasonable for a good quality coat not saying I’ve never spent over that on a coat before. This gorgeous floaty blue duster is from H&M and was only £29.99, it is stunning, such a nice fabric too. Also something a little different to my pretty much all black coat/jacket collection. Seeing as Autumn is pretty much hear right now, layering is key, I layered this look with my black sleeveless cardigan over a simple white crop. These high-waisted trousers were a sale find from River Island a while ago now, they had lots of snazzy patterns in this style. This spotty one is quite retro and really cute.

To finish off the look some heels from Schuh, I have started to sort out my shoes from S/S to A/W, and I found these hidden in my shoe chest. (Yep and actual chest full of shoes).

I hope your week is going okay so far. It’s hump day after all! We are at the top of the hill, now its all quick going back down to the weekend :)

x Jenny

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LUST List! Oooo… Ahhhh…

Oh my god! I know there are only 4 items on my lust list but the urge to just click buy is so difficult!!!

I’m saving for another holiday later this year, so I am being good and cutting down on my spending, but 2 of these items are in the SALE! So there is some hope that I may give in and get them!!! Besides they will look great with some holiday outfits :)

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 18.58.24

lipstick | Topshop INNOCENT | £8

shoes | Schuh (Red or Dead) | £80 now £29.99

necklace | River Island | £15 now £5

belt | Ark Clothing | £12.99

I tried on the Red or Dead shoes when in the SCHUH the other week! I towered over my friend Lauren, sorry hun! They are very very very high, but being a platform I wasn’t too bothered! They are just the right mix of a ‘clunky’ (in a good way) and pretty shoe to wear with dresses and trousers. I have been lusting over a belt with those metallic letters on for months now, I did at first HATE them, but for some reason they’ve grown on me and I really would like one. The ARK store near me is now closed! Much to my disbelief when walking past it and then realising there was no amazing music booming from the shop at me! Alas online is the future so I headed onto there website to have a look. 

Im having a bit of a colour pop moment for my lips, be them quite thin I’m just loving bright pop tastic colours. TOPSHOP for me have some fab colours at the moment. Always one for adding some bling to any outfit, this necklace from RIVER ISLAND fits me down to a T! Spikes are my go to statement jewellery must haves.

Have I left you lusting over any of these gorgeous items? If so let me know which ones in the comments below! 

Oh and I hope the weather has been as splendid as it has here in Norwich! Remember suntan lotion,and sunglasses, no one wants sunburn and wrinkles! 

I’ve just gone past 30 followers on bloglovin’ THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! To think that 30 people read my ramblings is truly amazing! 40 is my next target, so if you like what you seen, click that follow button over there >>> :)

x Jenny

Celebrity Style: Rachel Bilson

Celebrity Style: Rachel Bilson

Sorry I’ve been quiet for a few days been saving this baby for you, which can also be found here: http://bit.ly/1b7cMQ1 on the etailPR blog network blog, which is why I introduce myself at the beginning haha! I’m not going crazy by thinking you guys don’t know who I am!

I am so excited yay!! Thanks especially to Kim who liked my post enough to publish it over there! Fingers crossed for some more posts in the future!

Hello you lovely lot! Jenny here from Fashion on a Field. You are probably wondering why I’m here, I’m here to explore a celebrity style.

The celebrity that I have chosen is Rachel Bilson. CALLLIIIFFFORRNNIIAAA…… my small homage to the show that, for me anyway, made her the star and fashion icon today, that being The O.C. Back then her style was in terms of the character of Summer was quite ‘all American’ and preppy. A far cry from her bohemian chic she is seen wearing today.

I’ve created a mood board with a selection of Rachel’s looks over the years, from fresh faced youngster in The OC, to the Boho girl thats sitting in the front row of fashion week. She even manages to make casual look good, if I was to wear a jumper and jeans I’d most probably look like a slob, but Rachel looks very cool indeed.

Style Rachel Bilson

I really like her mix of long and short, some celebs find a style and stick with it, but Rachel mixes things up, while still keeping with the boho look. I really love the bright colours too, to some boho means earthy, but shown here it can also include bright pops of pinks and purples.

While browsing for inspiration for outfits I stumbled upon this really beautiful outfit, that Rachel wore to a radio event. Its elegance screams red carpet/event, but still conveys the boho style that she embodies flawlessly.

Here I have recreated the style, using high street brands that we all know and love. I found two shoes that I adored, so included both! Being the same price, it would depend on whether you want to add studs to this cute outfit. The blazer is an absolute steal! At £20 its two toned collar and pockets are a really nice detail.

recreate look style

One thing that ‘style’ doesn’t always talk about is THE HAIR! YOu can have the best dress and shoes there are, but having an uninspiring do, will not do! Her sun kissed skin would look odd with full on blonde, so Rachel has opted for a sublet ombre which I think is still a very strong hairstyle. (Not just because I’ve been rocking the look for about 2 years now). The subtle coppers and caramels add depth to her hair, again adding to her care free style, but also adds to her more edgier pieces.

Hopefully you have liked my first ever ‘Celebrity Style’, I might even adopt a Celebrity Style section to make a more frequent appearance on my own blog. After all fashion is there to inspire and encaptulate.

x Jenny

OOTD: Boyfriend Jeans and NEW Schuh shoes!

Hello again! Saturday was a really great day! Firstly my friend at work kindly swapped so I could have the day off :) yay! This was because my Mum and I went to the theatre to see New Jersey Nights! Which was fab. The story through song of Franky Valli and The Four Seasons. I kept turning to my Mum in slight disbelief when I recognised all of the songs. I have of course heard of lots of there songs, but for some reason my stupid self didn’t link the songs to the group.

All in all an amazing show. We went for food after to our favourite restaurant Giraffe. I had the ‘Giraffe’ burger which has bacon and cheese on it! I picked out the gherkins yuck! I also kept staring at the cute waiter! haha! Made the meal even better! Before food there was just enough time for me to pick up a few things.

My list for that day was as follows:

  1. White Nail Varnish,
  2. Green Nail Varnish,
  3. Nail Varnish Remover Pen.

I did get these, and a cute BARRYM mini cosmetics case with some mini brushes, perfect for just keeping in my bag for make up emergencies….

Then we went in SCHUH thats where I LOST MY MIND!!!!! I haven’t been shoe shopping in ages. Firstly I was tempted by the CONVERSE, but then I saw the display of VANS. It was a choice in the end between some tribal patterned ones or the denim ones. I went for the denim, as it dawned on me double denim looks so 90’s and I love 90’s fashion, so why not experiment and have denim on my feet!

So I payed for the VANS turned around happy as a clam with my purchase, and standing there was my Mum holding the MOST BEAUTIFUL shoes I’ve ever seen. Luckily the ones on display included one in my size, I tried it on and just like that I was in LOVE <3. Out comes the debit card again, sorry bank account but they are just so god darn beautiful. (See below).

I also popped into PRIMARK as I wanted to check out there denim section after being completely inspired by fellow blogger Kylie over at Lazy 2 Lovely who had a very cute pair of jeans in this outfit of the day post! I found this light pair and thought they were perfect. I am normally seen in skinny jeans and I don’t think I have any other style jeans, but now, I think I will definitely be buying some more ‘boyfriend’ jeans in the future. For a chilled out look they are perfect.





^^^^^^^^^Just look at those shoes! ^^^^^^^^^




I kept my jewellery minimalistic for this outfit, this outfit was the next day I wanted to wear some of my Saturday impromptu purchases. My studded hoops and red precious stone ear cuff are both from TOPSHOP there’s a surprise right! I kept my hair in my neat bun which I wore for work as well, I know, work on a Sunday snore! It actually went quick so no complaints really! A simple black tee and my newly becoming ‘favourite’ blazer, completed this inspired look with what I think is a slight 90’s twist.

Hope you like this outfit, and my new shoes!! I will no doubt wear my new VANS later this week so I can show them off to you all.

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x Jenny