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Beauty: Purple eyes + nude lips


Hey Lovelies, how are we all? Sorry I haven’t blogged in ages. Since getting back from holiday I’ve just been a bit distant from my blog. And there is nothing worse than forcing blog posts. So I’ve been keeping track of any ideas I have had and am now ready to get back to it. I have been posting to Instagram so I haven’t been completely gone.



Today I’m kick starting my month break with some new beauty products. Lets start with this GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick in the colour Nougat. Wow, what a really fab lippy. I have quite thin lips so I often shy away from wearing lippy and head towards a gloss, but this dusk pink nude is so nice. I have to admit I have a similar shade lipstick from Loreal, but this one is so smooth and as the name suggests, velvety! It is an A/W make up staple for me, its dark enough to not look odd against my pale-ish skin.




I love love love to highlight and contour. Not as extreme as Kim K but I like to look a bit bronzed and shimmery. These No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter and Bronzing Highlighter are perfect for summer skin and winter skin. The bronzing highlighter is great for when you have some colour, as it shows it off even more with that summer glow. The highlighter is great for brightening eyes and highlighting above your cheekbones. I use it everyday and the results are always fab. Below you can see what they both look like on my skin tone. Shimmering goodness in a stick!




I really am a sucker for eye shadow palettes. This muted purple hues one by GOSH is so pretty and girly. I love the look of a purple smokey eye and this palette helps me create the perfect day smokey eye for work! The middle 3 colours are my faves they are so autumnal. For £9.99 in Superdrug I think it’s a really great addition my make up collection which does consist of a lot of Urban Decay. This palette fits in so well with my Naked 3 Palette.

Have you picked up any new beauty products lately? Let me know in the comments below, I’m always stalking the make up isles when I go shopping!

Oh! You can find the whole range of Gosh Cosmetics in Superdrug stores or online >here< (this post isn’t sponsored I just really love finding new beauty products).

x Jenny



Hair Accessories – Headbands « Style

Pink Floral Headband NEWLOOK



Pastel Floral + Spikes TOPSHOP



Black Roses Floral Headband TOPSHOP



Black Jewell Cat Ears TOPSHOP



Green Velvet Large Bow TOPSHOP



Hey Lovelies,

Just a quick post today about my ever-growing headband collection! As I have to wear my hair up a lot for work ( I say a lot, I mean I HAVE TO!) I like to accessorise my hair with a headband or scrunchie! With headbands I always like my hair to look messy, a scruffy topknot or high textured pony work best for me. I don’t like that hair stuck to my head look. I have been wearing my black rose floral headband so much lately! I LOVE IT! Being black it goes with so much. And who can say no to some fun cat ears. If I was to go to a festival these would be a must have!

Do any of you like to style your hair-do with a headband? How do you style yours?

See ya,

x Jenny

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 22.33.15Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 22.33.10Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 22.33.06Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 22.33.02



London V & A « OOTD






7Oversized Coat, BANKfashion | Black Velvet Crop, Primark | High Waisted Trousers, River Island | Boots, New Look | Necklace, Topshop | Quilted Bucket Bag, ASOS

Earrings, Topshop | Rings, Topshop + River Island

Hey Lovelies,

Being in London I thought it was only right to get some snazzy outfit photos :) yay to not being in my drive! haha! These were taken in the garden/courtyard area in the V&A Museum, it’s so pretty there.

I am having a trouser moment! I just love patterned trousers that are high-waisted with crop tops! I think I’ve finally found a style that suits me.  And for me I feel comfortable in. These red and black trousers are from River Island, I got them in the sale for £20 which for River Island is pretty darn good! The belt is included, it may be a simple black belt with a gold buckle but sometimes that’s all you need.

Most of my crop tops have thin straps and I wasn’t too sure on what the weather was gonna be like, so I opted for my long-sleeved velvet one from Primark. I goes with everything, and I can’t get enough of velvet anyway so its all good!!

Taking inspiration from the ‘accessorizing’ theme to everyone’s Coachella outfits I chucked on my chunky Topshop necklace for some instant neck bling and some midi rings.

These black boots are super comfy and give that little extra height that I like in a boot. Knowing I was gonna be walking around quite a bit these seemed like a good option, they also don’t make the bottom of the trousers look all lumpy which I absolutely hate. Also the friend I was meeting is really tall so I did need to have some extra height otherwise I’d look like a hobbit!!

Again with the clashing of patterns my new ‘Spring’ coat is out again and complimenting the pattern of the trousers really well.

I hope you like this outfit, would you have worn any of the pieces differently? I’d love to hear in the comments :)

x Jenny

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Vamp « OOTD







Dress, Topshop | Socks, Primark | Cut Out Boots, Mr Shoes | Choker, New Look

Hey Lovelies,

Have I ever mentioned that I like VELVET? Okay maybe I’ve mentioned it loads!!! I found this black velvet skater dress from Topshop in the sale! THE SALE! Again with some amazing finds, I’m never this lucky when sale shopping. It really is so adorable. To save it the whole ensemble from being totally Wednesday Adams (not that I don’t mind channelling my gothic side) there is a cut out on the back adding some edge to it! I paired my cut out boots with some girly frilly socks. These pastel pink ones are just too cute.

I brought this choker necklace a little while ago, and it does look really gothic but does sorta dig into my skin a bit. Worn over a polo neck top does look a little less dangerous. But for this outfit I think I’ve managed to pull it off.

At this moment I am multitasking, and putting together todays STYLED post. If I don’t post it tonight, it will be up tomorrow morning.

I am like a lot of us an Instagram addict, I post way too much. So if you want to have a look or a cheeky follow the links are in the side bar or below!

x Jenny


Pay Day Wishlist


I’ve still got to decide on my actual payday spending budget as I’m trying this new thing where I set myself a limit and then pick out certain key pieces I have my eye on to update my wardrobe, or something I’ve wanted on the sale for ages! It’s been working quite well as I’ve been able to put away savings and also still splurge a little. Which as a girl who loves to shop is great news! I won’t be buying all of these items as I also really need some new black jeans but here is my list of some of the bits I may or definitely will be purchasing come pay-day! Roll on FRIDAY!!!!

payday wishlist

1. The must have item on my pay-day wish list is this Gabby dress from Motel Rocks, it’s just sequintastic! (Yep making up words now)! At £58 I think that’s a pretty decent price for a glitzy party number like this I’ve even got a discount for signing up to their newsletter so I’m a happy bunny! I just really need something sparkly in my life and I know exactly where I’m going to wear it out to! :)

2. These ASOS leggings are so festive and because they are leggings will no doubt be super comfy. Something I know I’ll need when I’ve been stuffing my face over Xmas!

3. A PVC skirt! I do LOVE that pink one from Topshop, but I just don’t really think that the pink one will suit me, this black one from Motel Rocks is a perfect alternative. I think the slightly naughty connotations of PVC is why its become so popular, especially when teaming it with a fluffy jumper, very naughty or nice, don’t you think? If I don’t get it this month there’s always the sales to search through.

4. Cara Cara Cara… She’s the model of the moment! Just a normal girl like any of us. Also got some killer brows! This tee by “Black Score’ at Ark Clothing has just been released, its £29.99 but for the Queen would you really pay any less.

5. At £32.00 these Blonde+Blonde Boots at BANK fashion are so well the word would be UGLY! But GOOD ugly, I don’t know how its possible, I just love them the white sole normally would just look odd, but I bloomin love it! Like these boots mean business. I do like quite chunky shoes + boots so these are right up my shoe alley!

6. The original Maybelline Mascara, £4.99, the iconic pink and green bottle, just one of those everyday things really. I’m in need of a new mascara and I normally go for a lengthening, thickening extra extra blackest of blacks type of mascara, but I’m gonna save a few pennies with this one and try out this classic mascara.

Do you set yourself a spending budget on clothes and beauty bits and bobs? Or do you go all the way to a spending ban? I don’t think I could do that! I like to think you can still save for those MAJOR things you really want, for me I’m saving for a holiday with my Mum for the beginning of next year and I’m also saving for a new camera. But you can also treat yourself to some key pieces or that one luxury splurge item if you budget or keep a keen eye on the sale rack.

Also been receiving on here and on twitter some lovely comments about my recent outfit post, thank you all so much, those lovely comments really do put a smile on my face, especially when I see them on my lunch break at work.

x Jenny


OOTD: Velvet + Mesh


It’s that time of the week again a nice little OOTD post, I tend to take my outfit photos in groups, which explains my still red/blonde dip dye. If you have seen my Instagram you will know that I am now a nice shade of ginger :) yayyy!!!

full length edit

full length 2 edit

boots edit

jewellery long edit

watch edit

close up face edit

face edit

I just adore this velvet crop from Primark, I think its was around £7… bargain and so on trend! I amaze myself that I have something that is ON TREND at the time that it is. I paired it with my mesh panel skirt from good old Topshop a skirt that I have lusted over for ages! And it was in the sale of all places, I can’t remember the price exactly but my brain is telling me around £15. Again another outfit featuring my beautiful shiny Doc Martens! I was of course freezing while taking these photos, and having even a small part of my tum exposed was like eeeeeeeekkkkk! So I pulled up my tights and ended up with a cool mesh section bridging the top and shirt, I thought it looked quite cool so ran with it!

My hair is naturally this wavy, I like to straighten it, curl it, chuck it up in a topknot, I’m not too fussy with which style I wear it in. Whatever I’m feeling on the day, I did manage to make my new Topshop lippy work though! Its plum tones really set off my ‘gothic’ styling, For jewellery another item from my fave shop for jewellery… Topshop… some cute spikes. My pocket watch chain necklace is from Camden Market, I featured it on my blog right near the start ummm… here (if you would like to see it in more detail, warning though the whole post is about owls). It has unfortunately stopped working now but I still think it looks nice anyway.

Im still trying to find a good place for my outfit photos, this one I think works for now. I hope you have liked this outfit, I had fun when putting it all together. I do just LOVE wearing black sometimes. Maybe a little too much.

Another thing my photos, do we like the filter? Again trying to find a ‘style’ to my outfit photo’s and would very much like some feedback :) so yeah, if you either like, dislike or have any suggestions please leave them in the comments below.

x Jenny


What I’m loving this week

Things that I have fallen for this week! Be it clothing, accessories, make up and tech! Theres just so much that I am just like ahhhh can I own you please! Alas I am being a good girl and I’m saving for certain things, but there’s no harm in looking is there…

Anything velvety is okay with me, this dress is gorgeous, I normally get put off when they class dresses specifically as ‘Prom’ dresses but it’s just too darn cute to look past. The fact that it has neck bling included is an added bonus and makes the price tag reasonable.


To be honest I’ve never really payed that much for make up, the odd Benefit purchase is about as much as I go. Saying that I’ve been converted, in one of my many magazine purchases a small festive booklet fell out, that booklet was by Illamasqua. A make up brand that I had heard about through other bloggers, but I’ve never really looked at. When pay-day comes around though I know I will be splurging on this neutral palette, being able to create a really rich smokey eye is something that the winter months are asking for!


As you might have seen in my latest OOTD, I have found my perfect Xmas Jumper! This however is a more traditional design, a Christmas Pud! The pale blue colour is really cute, and the added polka dots just add to the whole round adorable nature to this cosy jumper.


I have loved transparent bags since I don’t know when! I really liked the larger envelope one Missguided did, but it’s now no longer available but this mini bag with stud detailing is a perfect compromise.


I Jenny am a nail art addict! Every chance I get I’m doodling on my nails, I would one day LOVE to have my nails done by the Wah girls…. But until then I can attempt to create their fun nail art at home, I have the first instalment of this book and this one will fingers crossed be mine at some point. I follow then on Instagram too so Im surrounded by nailspiration :)


I have to admit that when I added this to my list it was still available at Urban Outfitters, since then its now disappeared and silly me I didn’t write down price duh! I do remember it being around £100, either way all of their camera’s at UO are too cute and snazzy! I’ve always loved adding filters to photo’s, so this Lomography Camera is just a full on filter machine! Yay!


I think  I say this every post, but I really am trying to save for a new camera! As much as I love my Nikon Coolpix, it’s not up to scratch anymore in my eyes…. Please don’t break now I’ve shared my love of a new camera to the internet! This Canon might not be the most up to date but its got everything I need to get some cracking blog photo’s one being that I can use a remote! No more standing like a lemon waiting for the timer. It’s also got better video recording capabilities. As I really want to get my YouTube channel properly started. So this is more of a ‘I will eventually own you’ and not just something ‘Im loving this week only’.


As much as I love chocolate advent calendars this nail varnish one does look AWESOME. With plenty of sparkly toppers to go with the block colours you really are getting an amazing amount of varnish. I wish someone would buy this for me! waaaa!!! Oh well… I will just stuff my face with chocolate instead!

I realise this has been quite a text-y post, but I do like to talk A LOT! You guys probably know that by now!

Til next time

x Jenny